Gladden Services Corporation provides these Products and Services

  • Policy Types Group & Individual Life, Group Medical, Dental, Vision, Short & Long Term Disability, 401K and Pension.
  • Policy Administration Assistance We set up our clients' implementation for premium conversion plans (section 125), allowing an employee to deduct their medical premiums before taxes. We draft the required implementation plan document and summary plan description. The service also gives our clients an annual subscription to legislative review magazine.
  • Policy Administration For our group clients we process enrollment forms, termination forms, and change forms. We follow up with our carriers to make sure the changes are implemented.
  • HIPAA Compatibility HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. By law every company who offers a group medical plan must have been in compliance by 04-15-2004. We offer a software package at a cost that will bring you in compliance within six hours. Non-compliance can carry extreme penalties. We can advise on some of the forms you must use.
  • COBRA Administration Assistance For our clients who must offer continuation through COBRA we furnish full administration, which includes the HIPAA and COBRA notices that must be sent to employees current and future.
  • Competitive Market Rates At renewal we evaluate the premiums our clients pay to make sure it is competitive with the marketplace. Should it not be we recommend changes to reputable carriers.